Friday, July 1, 2011

Discover Guimaras

We arrived at the airport past 5am since we took the earliest flight to Ilo-Ilo.It was raining hard for the past few days in Manila because of typhoon Falcon, and were so glad to see the sun (thanks Bro!)

Straight from the airport, there were vans and cabs available. The plan was to go directly to Guimaras so we took a van to Ortiz Warf (P500 max of 14pax).

From Ortiz warf to Guimaras island, you have to ride a boat like this. Public transport is  P15/pax and travel time was about 15mins. There are also ones that offer private trips for P500.00, a boat like this can accommodate more than 15pax if youre traveling in large groups.

When we arrived at the port, they have a tent there that was designated to assist tourists. Sweet! All their rates were being monitored by the government to avoid over charging. We took a van to Sebaste warf since the resort were going to is in the other side of Guimaras. We got the van for P1000. The vans that they have for rent are kind of old and rusty and the travel time is for only 45mins-1hr so that's quite expensive.

van door acting up
 The van dropped us at Sebaste warf, where we've set up transfers with our resort Costa Aguada in Inampulugan Island Guimaras. The resort charged us P600/pax roundtrip for the transfer from Sebaste Warf to Inampulugan Island which later I realized was so expensive since the boat ride is only for 30mins and we have 7 people in the group.(seriously? thats overpricing).

From Sebaste warf you can arrange other trips to get to Inampulugan Island just talk to the bangkeros there and I bet it wouldnt be so expensive.

boat to inampulugan island

 It would take a 15 min ride from the port to the resort. Transfers are free from the resort.

 We got our rooms for P2000/pax for 3days 2 nights inclusive of breakfast, non aircon room. No hot water available though.

 The resort was so big and quiet. They have tennis/badminton/basketball courts and a pool.

the pool

We ordered food from the resort and it was expensive! But the service was great though.

I took a picture of the menu and the food were so  expensive and the taste couldn't justify the price.Too bad we didnt have any other options since were in an island. The viands is good for one person only.

The island hopping services from the resort is P4200/ trip. Good thing we got a number from a guy we talked to at Sebaste Port. We talked to him for island hopping services and to prepare our food as well. Their boat only costs P2000/trip which is was more cheaper. Here are some pictures from the island hopping.

food, we asked them to prepare adobo/liempo

The beaches in Guimaras is so nice and still untouched. Maybe because the destination is not that famous to tourists. You can see the corals under the waters even on shoulder deep waters. Too bad I didnt bring snorkels because they have good spots for snorkeling.

Theres still enough food for dinner so we hid it in our bags and ate it inside the room since were not supposed to bring food inside the

The next day we left Guimaras and headed back to Iloilo City where we will be spending one more night. Before going back to Ilo-Ilo we dropped by the local market and bought pasalubong, but do not spend all your pasalubong money here because there are also pasalubong centers in the city.

we bought pasalubong at the local market

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