Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Ins and Out of Camiguin

The fine, white sand, crystal clear blue calm waters of White Island, Camiguin blew me away.  After spending a few hours on the beach, we went back to the resort to meet up with Kuya Genel, our multicab driver to start the island tour.

We first went to the Sunken Cemetery, the cemetery that was driven underwater because of an eruption that happened during the 1870's. They just built the large cross to memorialize the departs buried there.

Near the Sunken Cemetery view deck, there are souvenir vendors that sells key chains, ref magnets and shirts. This is the spot where souvenirs are cheapest.

Next stop was the Soda Water Swimming Pool. It was called "soda water" because the according to the locals, the water was bubbly just like soda (oh no I didn't taste the

Entrance fee: P20, Cottage: P50

We also visited the Sto Nino Cold Spring. Fees were P20 for the entrance fee and P50 for the cottage. Water here is indeed really cold! There are also fishes swimming in the water. Outside the restort, there are paluto's available. They have native chicken, pork and beef. You can request to have it grilled (they call it sugba), tinola or adobo. Chicken is 280/KL. You can also order fresh buko juice for P20.00 each and they will just serve it there at your table.

Our last stop was the Hotspring (sorry for not taking pictures). We just took a peak inside, took a quick dip and left since were already over the 8 hour limit for our multicab.

We were very tired and exhausted at the end of the day that we didn't even have the energy to eat dinner. We woke up early the next day to prepare to leave. We had lunch at Terrasse International Ristorante and went to the port since were planning to tour CDO city for a bit since we have a few hours to kill (flight back to Manila, 5pm)

On our way to the port, we stopped at Vjandep's Bakery to buy some pasalubongs, the famous (at the office) Pastel.ahahah It was so good!

 Pastel is a bun with sweet (yema) fillings. Yum! Prices are P130.00 for a dozen and P70.00 half dozen.

Since we passed by the store for pasalubongs, we missed the ferry that just left at 10:15am, the next ferry leaves at 12:00 (darn!)..but the most irritating part..THE FERRY LEFT AT 2:00PM. Unbelievable! Ooops i almost forgot, i will text the number of the ferry company just to vent out! ahahha

And because of the delay, we were practically running in the streets to hire a van from Balingoan Airport (3pm)because it would take 2 hours or so to reach the airport and we could miss our flight!

We got a van for P1800, that will bring us to the airport. It was slow, and there's traffic...and then traffic...were still in the road...its 4:40PM. Our only hope? Delayed flight.

When the van stopped, with the ticket at hand, I ran to the check in counter (yeah just like in amazing race) ahha...and....

The counter is still open! unbelievable! ahahha Thanks Bro! The flight was delayed for an hour and so, let me quote: my friend said "hindi lahat ng delayed bad news" ahhaha

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